Dealer / Partner Program

The ATM business is growing due to their uncomplicated nature and the technologies available for ATM management. The increased demand for ATMs has created a lucrative business opportunity for our dealers. With our volumes and strategic partnerships with some of the largest manufacturers, suppliers and processors in the business – RocketATM is equipped to take you to the next level.  At RocketATM, the lowest price is the law and we strive to offer the best service and support around.


At RocketATM, we have developed a new way to do business. Inside our exclusive ATM Management Center (AMC), Dealers now have all the tools they need to do an ATM setup right online.  All the tedious paperwork in setting up an account is done automatically– right at your fingertips.  Our systems deliver the fastest setup solutions in the business.  Now you can manage one to hundreds of accounts in a secure and convenient way.  Anything from ordering paper to making financial changes is a matter of a few simple clicks. Our goal is to make our dealers business more efficient and profitable saving you time, energy and money. 


 Why choose us? ::

  • Commissions and residuals are vested for life and paid monthly
  • Nationwide on-site installation and maintenance
  • Nationwide cash replenishment and armored car service
  • Rapid ATM deployment
  • Online and Real-Time reporting for both affiliates and merchants
  • Easy integrated application and fast approval process
  • Free ATM placement program
  • Next day funding on withdrawn cash
  • In-house certified technicians
  • Dedicated relationship and account managers
  • Rock bottom pricing on new ATMs - Dealer Login discounts
  • Flexible payment plans to help you close the deals
  • Direct Leasing Program available
  • CRM - ATM Management software to run your entire business
  • Option to promote your own business and brand name with custom software and your own website!


Help us help you.  Register now and become a part of a growing network of Cash loaders, ATM investors and Technicians spanning all areas of the country - so when we get a deal, we can pass it to you.


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